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a cross-platform, client-based print accounting and document analysis solution for any office, legal practice, creative studio, or architectural firm that is looking for a way to recover, track, or charge-back printing costs.

logSheet for macOS  (10.9 - 13.1 Ventura) v2.8.2
SHA256 hash

(logSheet v2.8.2.zip) = 4af2325fe33a7ff297c5ed53d4c7434fd971000657f8d755384a2c6c18b64386

logSheet for Windows (7 SP1, 10 & 11) v2.8.2.0
SHA256 hash

(logSheet v2.8.2.0.zip) = 7df2f5e29dfbb40cff1c8ed17ef9c5baaacb259a2a2c60aacd171e44dde82311

Legacy downloads:

logSheet for Legacy macOS  (10.8 - 10.15) v2.7.22
SHA256 hash

(logSheet v2.7.22.zip) = 32e2c0733692631dc899c64b8cafe1152bba82dc67c3445dabb28c1ad09bbe9b

logSheet for Legacy MacOS X  (10.5.8 - 10.7.5) v2.7.12
SHA256 hash

(logSheet v2.7.12.zip) = 7578e49719f16e90ff90ce0a6421147cfbcc04100d70a13399b62abe44fc01fb

logSheet for Legacy Windows (XP & 7) v2.7.12.0
SHA256 hash

(logSheet v2.7.12.0.zip) = aac1f6263d373f7d766360c9958029a62bd16ce942983e634d1ab93bfe93bc58

MacOS X Universal  Made for Windows XP Made for Windows 7

Note: installers for logSheet and logSheet Server are signed with an Apple Developer ID Installer certificate, or a trusted Windows Code Signing Certificate issued to "X2 Studios Ltd" SHA256 signatures should be verified against those listed on this page while using an https connection.